Every week, I share my learnings or humbly tackle interesting questions around building things from zero, driving growth, working with people and other things to make the world a better place.

I definitely won’t have all of the answers, and it’s just my perspective, but hey, it’s free! 🤝


I’m Vincent and I’ve been building, driving growth and selling things for almost a decade. I built my first company at the age of 22, building code schools across the country. I turned it into a 6 figure revenue and profitable company in a few years and we teach thousands of kids to code every year.  My second venture was in the higher education space and raised venture money although didn’t work out. Apart from launching ventures, I’ve also worked in many venture-funded companies that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from top investors and gone from burning 7 figures cash monthly to tens of millions of annual profit. Such experiences have been valuable in knowing the execution pitfalls of launching products and driving growth at scale.

This newsletter synthesises my unique learnings from being an entrepreneurmaker, and seller(growth).

I’m driven by solving hard problems, building things from zero and the impact my team and I can create. The best place to achieve that is in startups. As Paul Graham eloquently put it, “Startups = Growth”. While he was referring to the growth of a startup’s revenue, I believe startups are also one of the best vessels to maximise the growth of people. It pushes your limits, forces you to think about things you otherwise wouldn’t, and surrounds yourself with some of the smartest and motivated people out there who all want to make a difference.

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Outside of Work

Outside of work, things I like include:

  • 📖Reading words on pages & learning new things
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  • 🍦Magnum or Ben & Jerry’s Lactose-free Ice Cream
  • 👫Meeting new culture & people
  • 👨‍💻Building projects
  • 🌏Travelling
  • 📈Investing & finance
  • 🏄‍♂️Surfing
  • 🤗Family & Friends
  • 💪Lifting weights, power training and calisthenics

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